Buying Steps

Getting prepared to purchase a home is essential for first-timers and veterans alike. Let’s spend a little time up front to save you time and money.

Your Vision

What kind of home and neighborhood best suit your desires and needs? The finer the details on your wish list, the more effective your home search will be. We help you identify what you need, what you want, and even what you don’t want to target the right neighborhoods and homes.

Your Finances

We’ll put together an analysis to clarify your financial goals, determine what you can afford, and review down payment options. It’s not enough to just get you into a house. Homeownership should be about securing prosperity for years to come.

Your Questions

Most people buy a home once or twice in their lifetime. We do this every day. We want to make sure you understand the whole process up front. No question is too small, so ask away.


Getting pre-approved for a home loan sets you up for success. It validates what a lender is willing to give you and how much money you’ll need up front for a down payment and closing costs. A pre-approval gives you credibility with sellers and minimizes any financing obstacles up front.

Loan Options

Unlike many real estate agents, the Premier Team specializes in home lending as well. We have access to hundreds of loan financing options. We’ll help you find the best options for your situation. Affordable monthly payments? We’ll find the lowest interest rates available. Small Down Payment? We’re FHA approved with down payments as low as 3½%. Credit Issues? We can help you resolve many problems and get you approved quickly.

Here comes the fun part

We’ll set you up with your own personal access to MLS, the system that agents use to list properties on the market. Working from your wish list, we’ll identify properties that meet your criteria. You can tag which properties interest you and add others you’d like to see.

Then, let’s go tour some homes together. We’ll prepare a property and neighborhood profile for the homes you like best so you’ll have all the information to make a good decision. We’ll help you examine a property from every angle to make sure there aren’t any hidden concerns. We know the questions to ask.

We’ll keep refining your top picks until you find the home of your dreams.

Let’s make a deal!

So you’ve found one. The one! You’re excited and a little anxious too. It’s time to talk price. We’ll review recent sales of homes similar in size, quality and amenities to make sure you are getting a good deal. But price isn’t the only thing that is negotiable. Closing costs, move-in dates, repairs, furniture. There’s a lot to consider.

Don’t panic. We’ve got years of experience and we’ll help you negotiate the best deal possible. You’ll make an offer and there may be more than one or two counter offers. We’re tough negotiators. We’re an objective voice. We’ll help you to know when to say Yes. And if necessary, when to walk away. Above all, we’re in your corner.

Once the seller has accepted our offer, we’re ready to close the deal. There’s a lot to do. We’ll coordinate everything and walk you through every step. We’re sticklers for details and treat everything with urgency to avoid any delays to closing. To get to the finish line, here’ a few of the details that we’ll manage for you

Property Appraisal

We’ll get an independent appraiser to review the property value. This is another safe guard to make sure you are paying fair market value.

Home Inspection

A professional home inspector will complete a thorough analysis of the property and identify any potential issues. We’ll work together to determine the concerns we want the seller to address before closing.

Title Report

We work closely with a title company to make sure that your ownership interests in the property are secure.

Home Warranty

An insurance policy that will pay for many unforeseen issues or repairs that may occur after you take ownership of the property.


We have an in-house notary public to witness your signature on many of the legal documents you’ll need to sign.


We’ll coordinate all of the documents and financial transactions that need to happen before you can get your keys and move into your new home.

Let’s get move’n

Ready to move in? We’ll make sure you get the help you need. Moving trucks, boxes, setting up utilities, changing your mailing address, getting to know the area. We’re local experts and know your new neighborhood. We’ll put all the information together to make your move a lot easier. Our job isn’t done until you’re settled in. We’re with you all the way. Now let’s pop some champagne!

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